Sunday, 13 April 2014

How to make mouthwash and bad breath recipes

 Infuse Rosemary leaves
Add in essential oils

How to make mouthwash and bad breath recipes
You can brush your teeth and use mouthwash daily and you can floss, but still suffer from bad breath. Sometimes bad breath is caused by other factors – such as digestive issues or gum disease. There are variety of homemade recipes, we just share the simple one and it work!  口臭, 可分消化不良与囗腔不,牙龈问题因素影有一般認大,跟胃也有系。
Recipe for daily mouth wash
7 gm dried Rosemary leaf  
500 gm boiled water
10 drops Peppermint essential oil
5 drop Tea Tree essential oil
1 empty bottle

Put the Rosemary leaves in a jug or teapot and add freshly boiled water. Infuse for 10 minutes. Strain.
Add the essential oils to the Rosemary infusion and stir well. Cover and store in a cool place. Use it as daily mouthwash.  It also can use for bad breath.

Recipe for bad breath
1 small cup distilled or boiled water
1 drops Peppermint essential oils
1 drops Lemon essential oil
1 Lavender essential oil
Mix the ingredient, stir well. Use it when necessary.

Tips: When using homemade mouthwash, it is important to shake your mouthwash well every time before using to mix the ingredients as the ingredients may have settled or the essential oils have collected at the top.
Do not use tap water. Tap water contains chlorine, mercury, fluoride, nitrates, Use filtered, bottled, distilled, or mineral water instead of tap water.
Why use Rosemary? -  It contains a number of potentially biologically active compounds, including antioxidants, such as carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid.
Tea Tree Essential oil - which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
Peppermint essential oil - Peppermint oil, due to its antiseptic properties, is very useful in dental care. It also eliminates bad breath and helps teeth and gums fight off hazardous germs.
-By Herbal Sense Life, Singapore

Friday, 4 April 2014

Teas To Boost The Metabolism

Have you ever felt that after a certain age, it is very hard to lose weight? Even if you try to eat less and start struggling with exercise. It is very easy to gain weight instead of lose weight .

One of the possibilities could due to "low metabolic" rate in the body. "Low metabolic rate" may cause weight gain, increase water retention in the body, constipation, insomnia, tiredness, hair loss, look older, body ache and even worse, may affected your daily lifestyle activities and health.

Other possibilities leading to weight gain include: - Taking too much food for dinner
- Eating tidbits after dinner.
- Drinking too much alcohol, sweetened drinks, like Coke, coffee especially after dinner
- Skipping breakfast - Sleeping late
- Too much stress - Do not exercise regularly
- Eating unhealthy food especially those with high calories
- Never detox the body regularly (mean never take detox food or have detox exercises).
- Poor digestive system

We here Introduce 5 type of Herbs to help you to slim down.

1) Quality Green tea It contains several valuable components of which, the catechins are the most valuable because of their antioxidant activity. Research has shown evidence of the metabolism-boosting and fat-burning properties of green tea, making it a wonderful weight loss aid.

2) Siberian Ginseng It contain caffeine, a natural stimulant and metabolism booster. Secondly, they act as a thermo genic aid, which means they give you extra energy and burn fat inside your body. Avoid drinking before bed time.

3) Dandelion A good detox herbs for kidney and liver. The major mechanism by which dandelion prompts weight loss is through it diuretic action. It can increase the volume and frequency of urination to reduce the water retention in the body.

4) Cinnamon- It regulates blood sugar level and cholesterol. The ability to regulate blood sugar level to fight against fat and increase the metabolism. For tea drinking, we suggest taking true (sweet) cinnamon (cinnamomum verum), as its oil content is half lower than cassia cinnamon (cinnamomum burmannii).

5) Ginger Well-known for its digestive properties, ginger also has thermo genic properties – it raises the body temperature by burning fat and this makes it useful for those seeking to lose weight. Do not take excessive ginger as you may feel stomach discomfort.

We have herbal tea blend, Healthy Detox Blend, Healthy Slimming Blend, Healthy Man Blend (For man) which is effective for increasing metabolism. Do consider any single herbs or blend. You may find one that will suit you  

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