Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How to make hair conditioner and scalp stimulator

  1. Hair Conditioner and scalp stimulator

    This formula helps stimulate circulation, encourages hair growth, and aids in balancing sebum production. Do not afraid to use it if your hair is oily. It has a potent, cooling fragrance and may causethe scalp to slightly tingle. You can actually sleep with this blend on your scalp and hair ends for ultimate conditioning. If your hair and scalp are very dry, you may not need to shampoo afterwards at all.

    20 drops rosemary essential oil 迷迭香
    12 drops basil essential oil 罗勒
    10 drops lemon essential oil 柠檬
    7 drop lavender essential oil 薰衣草
    7 drops Thyme essential oil 百里香
    5 drops peppermint essential oil 欧薄荷
    50 ml jojoba carrier oil 荷荷芭油

    Step: Mix all essential oils then add in jojoba carrier oil into a dark glass bottle. Shake the oils blend for 2 minutes.
    Leave the bottle in dark room temperature for 1 day so that the oils can synergize.

    Place 15 ml to 30 ml of the oil in a small bow (also depend on the length of the hair). Dip fingertips into the mixtures and gradually massage the entire amount into your dry scalp till the oil been absorbed, making sure to rub a little onto the ends of your hair. Next, wrap your hair completely with plastic wrap or shower cap, then wrap it again with a very warm, damp towel. Replace this with another warm towel once it has cooled (optional). Leave on 30 to 45 minutes, then rinse and lightly shampoo your hair. You can do this treatment twice in a week if the hair is too dry, otherwise once per week, after a few times of treatment, the hair will be more healthy and moisture. Although these are nature ingredients, but pregnant woman please avoid to use essential oil.

    倒出大约15ml 至30ml 在碗里(依头发长短),用手沾些油塗在发根及发尾,不断按摩头皮直到油被吸收。再用头罩包住头发三十至四十五分钟,再用温毛巾包住。毛巾可以重复弄温再包住头发。你可毎星期做兩次(如果头发很亁燥) 护理直到发貭改善。重复几次用此方法,你的秀发將更顺滑及滋润,头发会更健康,色泽也会更亮丽。使用天然的苛苛葩油和纯正精油𣎴会伤害头发和皮肤。但孕妇请勿使用。,

    Pictures before and after treatment attached.

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